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June 2015 - Licence Changes - Don't be Left Stranded by the New Car Hire Law

Last November we wrote a blog titled 'Car Hire 'Chaos' Warning for January' detailing the DVLA's decision to abolish the paper part of your driving licence and the chaos that would without doubt ensue. The DVLA decided to postpone the date from January 2015 after a backlash from companies like us and the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA). It has now been confirmed that the 8th June 2015 is the date this will now go live.VANS

After this date the paper part of your drivers licence will be completely invalid and will need to be destroyed, so if you have any new points or endorsements these will be kept electronically and not printed out.  The old style driving licence is still valid and should NOT be destroyed; however any points will be stored the same as the photo-card licence.

So what happens when you rent a car after the 8th of June?  

In the past you've always had to show your paper part of your licence to pick up the rental but after the 8th of June, the DVLA are introducing a new system called "Share my Driving Licence". This service allows you to download an access code that you take with you to the Rental Desk. This is like giving the Desk written permission to access the DVLA's service to check your licence. They then login and can view any endorsements you may or may not have.  

Be Aware - We have discovered that this code is only valid for 72 hours (due to the fact that things can change) and can only be used once!

Preparation is key!

Due to this access code only being valid for 72 hours, you will need to be super organised before you leave for your travels!  Make sure you go on-line to "Share my Driving Licence" and get your access code no more than 2 days before you pick up the car.  Bear in mind that if you're hiring in Australia or somewhere equally as far then you'll need to work out your flight time etc.  For more info regarding this please see the DVLA Blog.

Our Advice.

Our advice would be to print out a PDF copy as well as the access code, just in case there are any technical problems when you get to the desk. The Assistant at the desk can call the DVLA directly to check your licence if required but this is costly, typically 51p a minute premium rate service. The cost to you, the customer, can be as much as £19.99 depending on the location and the service is only available Monday - Friday 0800 - 1900 and Saturday 0900 - 1400!! No good for Sunday travellers!

What you need to do:

If you're planning on renting a car this summer then PLEASE be prepared for this, there will be delays at the rental desk while this new system is in it's infancy and there are bound to be issues abroad with the language barrier. You should be well prepared if you follow these quick steps:

1. Click HERE and follow the simple steps to find your ACCESS CODE, remember to do this as close to your pick up time as possible but no more than 72 hours before pick up.

2. Print out the pdf copy and take this along with your photo-card to collect your car.


If you have any questions regarding any of this your car hire provider should be able to advise you, their contact details will be on your car rental voucher. Or you can contact the DVLA Here.

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